5 Good Reasons to Use a Recruiting Agency

Are you a company with an extra workload added to the New Year? Finding and hiring the ideal candidate can be quit hard, which is why recruiting agencies are extremely valuable. Here are a list of good reasons why a recruiting or staffing agency can highly benefit your company.

Access to Talent Pool

Recruiting firms are able to build a large pool of top-quality candidates. They spend time finding candidates to fit a specific role type that may become vacant in the future. Recruiters focus on building relationships with skilled candidates before an opportunity goes live. Candidates in a recruiters talent pool are pre-screened, viable candidates that can quickly fill a position.

High Quality

The candidates presented through recruiting agencies have been vetted, screened, and targeted for specific roles. Candidates included in a recruiters job pool are not just active jobseekers, but candidates with highly sought after skills. New opportunities and advanced career development offer intriguing advancement for these candidates, and a great fit for a company. These candidates aren’t found on job boards or social media, which makes it difficult for organizations to find this type of talent.

Saves Time

Most company’s main focus is not hiring and recruiting, so why spend the time away from what makes your company thrive? Making efforts to find a candidate through job boards and social media can be extremely difficult and time consuming, especially when receiving thousands of applicants a day, but none who fit the skills needed. Recruiters know the right places to find the right candidate, and can source candidates much quicker than a typical company can.

Knowledge of the Market

Look for recruiters who specialize in your industry. Market knowledge allows recruiters to find the types of qualifications and traits that make for a good hire. Understanding the field, market, and competition is a great advantage. A recruiter can quickly find the qualified candidates, filling the position all while maintaining company operations. 

Value to Clients

Recruiters get paid to fill jobs, not interviews. Therefore, they look at candidates for quality over quantity. And just like any service, it is important to provide excellent customer care to your clients. In the end, recruiting agencies want to find the absolute best candidate for their position. This builds a trusting relationship that could lead to future recruiting and hiring efforts.


Using a recruiter will help maximize candidate choices, while saving time and money. Recruiters find candidates quickly, and use only top tier candidates within their large network. How will your company compete to find the best candidate out there?

Let us know if you have any questions regarding recruiting, and comment below if you’ve benefited using a recruiting agency.

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