Digital Transformation in Recruiting

Business strategies have changed dramatically since the hard hit of Covid-19 in beginning of 2020. With recruitment efforts suddenly shifting, almost overnight, HR and talent acquisition departments need to take action to navigate their hiring in this ever fluctuating job market. Solving these challenges has been the focus in these efforts. This includes changing hiring needs, dealing with the increase in candidates and job loss, transitioning from in-person to virtual interviews, and adapting to the budget cutbacks. Lets start with the basics.

What is Digital Transformation In Recruiting?

Recruiting efforts have transformed from operational processes to automated and data driven. Organizations are now leveraging artificial intelligence to mechanize a variety of corporate tasks. Recruiting efforts have turned to modern tools and technologies to attract job applicants, similar to how traditional marketers attract paying customers. What are some of these digital transitions?

Digital Assessment Tests

With the technology evolving, recruiting uses these practical tools to assess for relevant transferable skills. This software measures actual abilities, not previous experiences. It takes candidates through a series of questions that asses their skill level and allows recruiters to match them to jobs that fit best. During the hiring process, these tests can screen candidates with the best abilities for the job, creating a more resourceful and operative process.  

High Volume

With automation now available, recruiters can shift through a high number of applicants quickly and select the most qualified candidates. An equipped recruitment solution allows you to maintain high hiring standards despite the growth in volume. These intelligence systems enhance HR software to help teams make more accurate, fair, and efficient talent decisions.


With recruitment technology providing real-time data, it’s easy to pinpoint any areas that recruiting efforts need improvement. The software provides user-friendly dashboards and key metric solutions with real-time updates on what is happening with each of your applicants. It also provides invaluable insight into candidates, such as their aptitude assessment score, location, and where they stand in the hiring process.

What’s Trending

Recruitment Automation – with the digital transition well on its way, many software companies have created applications that make the recruiting process less time-consuming by automating talent. What once took a lot of time, is now a streamlined process. Posting jobs and sorting resumes are now all done electronically, and recruiters can spend more time connecting with candidates and building relationships.

Social Recruiting – social media has always been a strong digital presence for all organizations. It allows candidates to connect with your brand easily and develop a more personal relationship between your organization and potential employees. It is also great for networking, referring candidates, and posting jobs that become available.

Mobile Recruiting – This is about optimizing your mobile website to attract high performing candidates.  According to AIHR Digital, over 90% of them use their mobile devices to look for that dream job. 45% does so on a daily basis, while a mere 89% of those who are job-hunting believe that mobile devices are a crucial part of the job seeking process. A well-functioning and easy to use mobile experience helps candidates to find and apply for jobs.

Customized Digital Strategies -Creating a digital strategy driven by data informative recruiting software, can influence candidates to be active and responsive in recruiting efforts. Focus on your business goals, target audience, and user experience. Find areas that meet your organizations requirements and create something scalable that can be measured long-term.

It is important for recruiters to take full advantage of this digital transformation. By investing in recruiting software and exploring the functionalities, you’ll become a more effective and efficient recruiter. For more questions on recruiting, contact global staffing for more information.  

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