The #1 Interview Question, and Why it’s so Important

“Tell me about yourself.” A common interview question that is almost always asked by hiring managers. The question in itself seems very simplistic – an open-ended, easy ice-breaking question that you don’t have to prepare for. Because who knows yourself better than you? What may seem like a simple interview question, however, is actually one of the most important ones. It can sometimes make or break your first impression. So, here’s a little help on the do’s and don’ts of answering the #1 interview question:

DON’T make it personal

Talking about your life story, such as, where you grew up and the friends you met along the way, is a big red flag for interviewers. They may view it as nonprofessional, a way to chit chat. By avoiding the job at hand, the job seeker is showing a lack of desire and determination to land this role.

DON’T bring the negativity

Are you slamming your previous job? Reasons why you are looking for a new role can come across as an escape from a bad situation. Interviewers view this as a cry for help, not an ambitious candidate in search of an opportunity to further their career goals.

DON’T talk about your resume

The interviewer has most likely already reviewed your previous experience that supported your qualifications for the job. If you’re focusing on what your resume says, although important to relate back to, it can be a huge missed opportunity. You don’t want to spend your valuable interview time walking the interviewer through things they already know.  

DO research

Researching the company gives the job seeker a better understanding of the companies culture, as well as their core values. Why does this company relate with you? What makes this opportunity appeal to you? Having skills as well as a connection, are of both equal importance.

DO highlight your strengths

Take time before the interview to review the job listing, this way the hiring manager sees exactly why you’re suited for this job. What are your strengths? Take this opportunity to highlight your expertise, as well as your abilities.

DO inspire them

A candidate with enthusiasm and passion in their answers will shine through as a result of an eager and motivated candidate.  This will help intrigue the hiring manager to know more about you. At that point, the interview will be off to a great start.

Use these tips and tricks and spend some time prepping. By doing this, you’ll have no problem nailing this interview question.

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