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Working in the Government industry includes local, state, and federal sectors all of whom work for the good of the people. There are a variety of positions in every sector and industry, a few popular of them include: law enforcement, social worker, engineering, international relations, and business and technology.

With many pros and cons of working for any job, working in the public sector offers a chance to make a difference in the world and enhance the lives of others. Below is a list of the top reasons why working for the Government is beneficial:

Stability& Security

Government jobs never go out of business, so you will never take on a risk of working for a company that can. There also is the eligibility for permanent appointment, and many agencies consist of ongoing programs that can last indefinitely. The Government will always be around, and the people will always need to be there to support them. Job security and with a steady paycheck, is a huge perk to consider.


If you’re looking specifically for a six-figure salary, the public is more likely to give that to you than a CEO. One in five (20%) government employees make at least $100,000 a year. Overall, roughly 9% of American workers reach that six-figure threshold. 1 in 5 government workers make six figures. That’s more than double the average in America (which rests at 9%). Statistically speaking, Uncle Sam is 50% more likely to get you to a six-figure income than anyone else.

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Employees are also mandated raises at least once every three years, which is part of the ‘Federal Wage System’. This increases mandates and hourly wages, making the perks much more generous compared to private sector positions.

Bountiful Benefits

The Government benefits are almost always better than a private sectors benefits package. They provide the best health care plans, much more favorable retirement plans, and you have pension for life.

Time Off

Usually, Government jobs offer more paid time off than in the private sector. Paid Holidays, sick days, vacation days, as well as performance leave provide extremely generous packages for employees. The days accumulated throughout the year offers a work-life balance many private companies simply cannot compete with.

Take Away

Most people get a Government job for the steady paycheck, good benefits (like insurance), paid days off and a pension. On top of the great benefits, choosing a career in any sector of Government can be extremely rewarding when you are working to better the public.

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