XaaS: How it’s Revolutionized Recruiting

What is Xaas?

‘Everything as a Service’ began when cloud computing started in 2005, making it much easier for hosting services to provide on demand accommodations. Times of lengthy and complicated contracts ended, and emerged infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) hosting. The National Institute of Standards and Technology defined them as

  • IaaS: Deploys consumer-created or acquired applications onto the cloud infrastructure
  • IaaS: Provisions processing, storage and other fundamental computing resources to deploy and run operating systems and applications

It didn’t take long for Software-as-a-service (SaaS) to arrive, which replaces one-time contract fees with recurring subscriptions. Subscribing to a service was the essence of cloud computing, and became known as Xaas.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation, emerging 5G, machine learning, AI, and intuitive user interfaces, has shifted industries attention of XaaS from a “maybe” to a “must-have”.

The key to Xaas, is the constant focus of customer needs and emphasizing the relationships. Since the pandemic, taking advantage of this technology has been pivotal for business survival. It has opened the door to innovation, agility, flexibility, and most importantly, user experience.

Recruitment as a Service

A great example of this immersion of technology is the introduction of recruiting as a service (RaaS). This takes the hiring process from a long and laborious method to something much simpler and more efficient.  This revolutionary process allows businesses to streamline their hiring process by hiring industry experts to do everything from sourcing the right candidates to recruiting and helping onboard new talent. While doing so, it allows businesses to focus on fulfilling their business needs.

Recruitment as a Service is an outsourced recruiting operations model which simply delegates the recruiting tasks of sourcing the right talent, screening, onboarding, performance appraisals, training and development etc… to specialized recruiters. The ‘pay per candidates placed’ model essentially becomes replaced with a pay as you go system, wherein recruiters charge a subscription fee that covers the costs of the time spent searching for and acquiring new talent. – SAINOO

By using this recruiting model, the relationship goes from a commission-based model to a service-based contract. How does this change the goal? By going from a recruiter earning a commission to a recruiter and a business retaining a long-term relationship. The recruiter is incentivized to place successful candidates, which builds a wonderful and strategic long-term partnership.

The New Way

Recruitment as a Service is a more efficient way to bring in promising talent. They are not only highly skilled but fit within the business culture and strategy. This new business model triggers growth potential and transforms the hiring process. Xaas, including recruiting as a service, will highly impact businesses for years to come.

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